For Women

Guard Dog Security Ivy Stun-Gun

Guard Dog Security Ivy Women’s Choice Stun Gun Flashlight 200 Lumen with Concealed Prongs and High Voltage Stun (Sports)

Straight to the top of my list of favorite things. This self-defense tool is dressed up so pretty in pink and black. Don’t let that girly exterior fool you. This stun gun dropped a full grown man to his knees. Yes I had a volunteer. He definitely took one for the team, allowing himself to be stunned. It was a couple minutes before he was just fine, no worries. Although, It is a shame he didn’t want to filmed.


“Would be attacker taken down by would be victim”. Now thats a headline. The fact that the stun gun is incognito is perfect. Think of it this way it is a blinding flashlight, that will get last laugh. I have fallen victim to a mugging, many years ago, which shatters your belief that you have the ability to defend yourself. Let me tell you, the confidence that comes from knowing I have an equalizer such as this is overwhelming and noteworthy. Now if I, or should I say when I get out class late I don’t feel so vulnerable knowing that Ivy 200 is with me.


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