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Reviewers Tips and Tricks

  • To start with, an Amazon Prime account is a must, set up your profile inside Amazon give as much information as possible. You will also want to have a Verified Pay-pal Account. (Instruction in Pay-pal site)
  • If you have ordered products from Amazon. Then go ahead and review those purchases. It is a great way to start a portfolio of your reviews. If you already reviewed those purchases, great.
  • After, you have a few reviews on Amazon. Then try to find sellers willing to let you review their product. I wouldn’t go searching for sellers and products until you have established at least 5-10 reviews, ones that are already posted on Amazon. Since, the first thing the seller will ask for, is your Amazon profile. Why?, because they want to see samples of your reviews. The last thing you want is for a seller to look at your profile and see nothing.
  • To locate your Amazon profile. Log into Amazon account. Top right of home page you will see a button account & lists, click on that. A new page will open that looks like (the below photo on the left) Scroll to the bottom of this page until you see the section labeled  Personalization   Participation & Public Content in this section the first item listed under the word community is YOUR PUBLIC PROFILE click on that. A page will open it will look like the photo on the right. 

Now at the top of the page you should have your search bar where web addresses are there will be an address in the bar that resembles this one below.


All of that address is too much you must shorten the it. See the RED (?) in address above. That is the cut off point for your profile. Copy and paste everything in front of that (?) It looks like the address I have in colored maroon below. That is the link you will need for anyone who asks for your Amazon profile. I have a document that has all my links on it and when I go shopping I just open it and the shrink it so it is available to cut and paste.


  • Next, I joined some seller groups. Amazon reviewers groups is what i searched for inside Face-Book.
  • Once approved for groups, and you will get approved. Troll the group just watch the posts when you see something you want to review follow the seller’s instructions. You have to (very important) pm the seller and friend seller. You must friend the sellers otherwise they can’t get a hold of you.
  • Sooner or later someone will allow to review. Just be patient. Be respectful and kind. Most importantly is to keep your word. If you promise a review in 5 days than do it in 5 days.
  • Always leave seller feedback, remember most sellers have boss they answer to, so they need their performance evaluated and they need the review good or bad. There boss is expecting an accounting for any free merchandise handed out. review and feedback links are options on Amazon. Go to orders inside Amazon and you will see with each ordered item to the right side, one will be write review,       leave feedback for several things, seller, packaging etc..I do review and seller feedback.
  • The more you do the more you keep your word before you know it you will have as the seller’s call it a more permanent relationship. They will find you when they have a new product.
  • Just stick with it. Try not to get discouraged it will happen and before you know it you will wake up every morning with 15-20 messages from sellers wanting reviews on all sorts of items.
  • Number 1 important thing to remember is be honest, If a product sucks say so there are ways to say it with trashing the seller or their products.
  • you will want to set up any social media accounts you are comfortable with. Also some sort of blog or review page some where other than Amazon to put reviews.

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