Color changing Bluetooth speaker


This mini speaker produces big sound. Pairing was easy just turn on the speaker and whatever Bluetooth capable device you have and pairing takes place in a matter of seconds. Speaker is compact measuring only 2 ¼ inches tall by 2 ¼ inches wide. I like it because it is small enough to take along anywhere I go. Yet it allows me to crank up the volume when my favorite tunes come on.

It is so versatile it can play music from the radio without being synced to any device. I can also use music stored on a micro SD card as it is equipped with a micro card reader. It can also be used to answer my phone. I think it’s amazing all the features this compact speaker has to offer. I really find it handy to take along to the park or beach for instant tunes where ever I may end up. I can even get a few of them and hook them together for even bigger sound using the modular buddy jack.


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Speaker is USB rechargeable, it is recommended to charge speaker for two hours before using, once charged speaker has a five-hour playtime.  Speaker can be used while being directly plugged into USB charger, but does not charge while in use. I hook it up to my pc and then take the speaker out on the back patio to listen to my tunes since this speaker has a range of 10 meters it can be used throughout my house upstairs and downstairs, even in the yard, it’s a great addition to my music playing capabilities.

Color changes to the beat as music plays. An array of colors ranging in color from blue, green, red, yellow, and purple. This mini speaker is well worth the cost and I would totally recommend buying it to anyone I know.


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All products are reviewed on their own merit. I will always review with an objective, neutral eye, because I too use reviews to help me decide if I am going to make that purchase.



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