Magnifying Glasses/Headband

I am silversmith, I make jewelry as a hobby. As with most jewelry makers, I must use a magnification hood or glasses. I had several over the years.  I usually by the same one I had been using as a replacement.

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This time I did some shopping around and came across what I think to be the Cadillac of magnification glasses. This pair can be worn like a pair of eyeglasses, but it also has an interchangeable elastic headband for a snug non-slip, comfortable fit. I prefer the when handling hot metal to have the headband as I can be sure my magnified glasses aren’t going to slip off my nose. I found it to be very comfortable to wear, and adjust to just the right size for me. The glasses are fitted with a cushioned bridge piece for the nose so with the headband in place, they are comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. I can only speak to wearing the headband for a long time as that is what I prefer.

The glasses come with 5 different strengths of magnification lenses that are interchangeable. Each lens is highly polished so they are clear and without imperfections. Easy snap-in and out of place, for quick change of magnification. The lenses come in a nice storage box with a hinged lid to keep them together and safe from scratches. They even include a polishing cloth to keep them nice. It also has a light to light up whatever you are working on. The light runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included).

These magnified glasses are every bit worth the cost and I would recommend buying these to anyone who is looking for glasses such as these.

All products are reviewed on their own merit. I will always review with an objective, neutral eye, because I too use reviews to help me decide if I am going to make that purchase.

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