OTG/USB Multi-Function Card Reader/Writer

Fixget Multi-Memory Card Reader

Fixget Memory Card Reader, SD/Micro SD Card Reader/ Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter with Standard USB Male /Micro USB Male Connector for PC / Notebook / Smartphones/Tablets with OTG Function

Sold by: Fixget

Very useful and convenient. I just got a digital album that I purchased from Amazon: I used this to transfer the album from my laptop to my Mp3 player via micro SD card. The transfer of 17 songs took maybe 15 seconds. Super-fast transfer rate if you ask me. The reader can also read standard size SD cards. A big plus with this card reader is, I didn’t need an adaptor to read my micro SD this has card slot for both sizes. It also works across all my devices from my HP laptop, my Samsung Galaxy tablet and my also my Mp3 player and many more devices. It was automatically recognized by my laptop and other devices so driver download is instant, due to its plug and play design. I purchased this card reader just a couple of days ago, and have already used it twice. For me it is convenient and easy I like it a lot. I would absolutely recommend this reader to friends and family as I am certain they would find it to be just as useful as I have.

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