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Solar Powered Spotlight 2pk

Solar powered spotlights come in a pair with one shared solar charging panel. They are perfect to draw attention to favorite yard decorations I personally got it for my dad’s American Flag. A few years ago, he installed a flagpole in his yard. He has had trouble all along keeping it lit at night. It is a chore to take down at dusk every day and would prefer to keep it up.


Being solar powered there won’t be any trouble turning on and off each day, because these spotlights are light censored so on at dusk and off at dawn. They are the perfect fit for my patriotic father’s flag.

This solar panel is good size at 7 x 7 inches and if it is place in an area that maximizes the amount of sunlight it gets during the day, it shouldn’t have to be messed with. After the initial 8-hour charge lights should operate without fail for several months. If too many grey in a row, depending on how dark the sunlight is I might have to turn them off for a day or two. Thus, allowing them to fully charge up again. The spotlights are constructed of metal and mounted on a metal bracket that allows direction adjustments. Each piece comes with a metal spike the is rust resistant for staking in the ground. Not to mention the fact that everything is water proof. Each spotlight has a 9-foot wire so they could easily be used to spotlight 2 different areas of the yard.

So now “Old Glory” is spot lighted nightly out of respect for the flag and those that have given all to protect it.  Everyone is happy. Because these are solar powered they literally can be put anywhere the sun shines.

What’s in the box:

I would recommend this product to family and friends and in fact have. It is well worth the cost for lighting that won’t cost you anymore after purchase. It’s truly a win, win buy.

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All products are reviewed on their own merit. I will always review with an objective, neutral  eye, because I too use reviews to help me decide if I am going to make that purchase.


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