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2 Pack LED Solar Rechargeable Camping Lantern

GT ROAD Solar Led Camping Lantern, Rechargeable Outdoor Led Flashlight 2 Pack
Sold by: BESELF

These are for sure the smartest purchase I have made in a while when it comes to stocking my in case of an emergency bag. These camp lanterns are light-weight and compact. This lantern measures only 4 ½ inches tall, and telescopes to 6 ½ inches tall. They are easy to add to an already full pack. To useful to leave behind and add un-noticeable weight to my pack.

First benefit I see upon taking them out of the box aside from it being a two pack, is the metal construction. The way the handles are attached allow me to carry the lantern like a flashlight for searching or spotlighting something, but I can also telescope the top from the bottom and then carry or hang on something for ambient lighting of a camp area.
Right when they came I got them out the boxes to charge them. I charged them for a total of 4 hours there is an indicator light on the side when the red light goes out it is charged. Because the lanterns worked out of the box so they obviously had a charge already I cannot say if that is total charging time just the total time it took to charge, for me. Each lantern will fully light a 15-ft. x 18-ft. bedroom in lantern position. In flashlight mode, the beam of light easily extends passed 50-ft. for as compact as these are those are impressive numbers.

I mainly got these lanterns because of the many charging choices I have with them. The lantern comes with a USB charging cord for 110v-220v. They can also be charged USB (not included). Even so if both of those charging modes are not available they have built-in solar panels right on the top of each lantern and after a full 8-hour charge by the sun and they are ready to light up my surroundings for hours.

In case you can’t tell, I am quite pleased with this purchase. I know I got my monies worth. About the only fault, I can find with these lanterns is more in the packaging as they come with no more instructions than you will find on the outside of the box. In other words, charging times given come from my own personal experience with the lanterns.
Even with the lack of instructions I would still recommend these to my friends and family, they give lots of bang for your buck.


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