Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

LYNEC T5 Portable 2.4G 6-Axis Mini Wireless Remote Keyboard Mouse with Infrared Learning 3-Gyro & 3-Gravity Sensor Air Control for PC HTPC IPTV Smart TV and Android TV Box Media Player
Sold by: LYNXOSE

At first glance, I thought it was a remote control. The thought of all those buttons was a little daunting. I realized I was completely wrong. Once I understood what exactly this Smart-Remote does I had to have it. I wanted to try it out. The day it was delivered I was so excited to check it out. You would have thought it was Christmas. First things first initial. I have found that if I be patient and do that initial charging not only does the product work its best but it also aides in battery life. The instructions are intense, it took a few times of reading over them to understand what it was trying to teach me as far as my new toy. Now, the seller/manufacturer calls this a Smart-Remote. It is so much cooler than that. It is a wireless qwerty keyboard on one side, the other a wireless mouse. Even cooler, is when I think wireless mouse which I have I think mouse pad and mouse just no wires. Well this mouse operates like a Wii control. Even though, the instructions say a body could be 10 meters away (= to 32 feet) I can only be 5 feet (any farther and I can’t see what the heck I’m doing) away from my computer or Smart-T.V. and all I must do is point the inferred end of the keyboard/mouse and watch my cursor traveling anywhere I point the remote. It has a mode that is labeled IR it is a mode you enter when you first get it and it teaches the mouse how you surf the internet. What buttons you want to use for copy and paste, scrolling the page etc. Works exactly like a wireless mouse only you point and move your hand/arm and the mouse goes to exactly where you want.

I was worried my computer wouldn’t recognize the drivers and such for the remote keyboard/mouse but I used the included USB plugged into the remote and then into my computer. The whole process of pairing to my computer took about 2 seconds. Another couple of seconds and it was ready to use. It was a little frustrating at first getting use to the mouse the movements required are not much as it is super sensitive. But with more and more practice I am really having fun with it. The entire thing is only 6 ¼ x 2 x ¼ inches it’s amazing. I love it If you have a techie or if you are a techie you all going to love this remote.

In the box, you will receive a USB 2.0 receive (it is a USB plug end with no wires only about ½ x ¾ in size) A USB cable and the remote keyboard/mouse with an already installed lithium battery because it is wireless and the instructions. This is a cool gadget and I am glad I have one.


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