3D Writer/Drawing Pen


3D Printing Pen,Vcall Newest 3D Drawing Pen with LCD Screen and Doodle Model Making Arts and Crafts Drawing with ABS Material and Power Supply(Blue)
Sold by: Hi-Eshop


It finally came today, yeah! NOT! I was so excited for this and wanted a 3d writer for a long time now, so i bought myself a Christmas present. I am so disappointed. It had all the great features. Features like, heat adjustment and feed speed. Where I could change how fast or slow the filament was fed through the pen. The problem is the speed controls stick and when feeding the filament through the pen the pen literally popped apart. I was able to pop it right back together, don’t know what was up with that. When I finally did get the feed to work it stuck on and just oozed molten plastic out until I finally got it to stop by unplugging it. Although it is rated for a child of 8 years old I don’t know that a child would have had the wherewithal to just unplug the spewing machine. I panicked at first. It is so disappointing that it has these flaws. Someone really should look into the sticking feed button, because that could result in some bad burns. I am feeling burnt by this purchase

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