Backflow Smoke, Ceramic Incense Burner


Pixnor Ceramic Glaze Incense Smoke Cone Burner Backflow Censer Tower Holder
Sold by: DealPe

This is so cool to watch the smoke slowly flow down the “mountain” resembling water in a river. The incense burner looks like a mountain with a stream flowing down the face of it. At the bottom a wading pool that fills completely with smoke. I lit an incense and placed it on the top of the ceramic glazed mountain after just a second or two the smoke begins to backflow filling the stream like area of the figurine.


I’m not quite sure how this works, but I love it. It is one of those novelty items that when I saw it I had to have it to see if it actually did what the item description said. The answer is yes! Yes, it does! I am so happy I bought this. It arrived just before New Year’s Which left our guest’s mouths gaping with wonder and amazement. Our guests were quite literally entertained for hours, lighting a new cone with each newcomer who hadn’t experienced the wonder of it, they lit the cones well into the wee hours. We used all the cones (10 cones) that are included with the purchase of the burner, so I am ordering more.

The incense burner is approximately 5 inches tall and at its widest point about the same. Size doesn’t seem to deflect from the charm and amazement. At least for my crowd anyway.

I would recommend this incense burner to family and friends and after showing several friends, how the backflow burner worked. They were already jumping on Amazon to check it out, and order themselves “The Magical Smoke Mountain” as they began calling it. I guess that name does fit as it really does seem magical watching the smoke slowly creep down.

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