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Color Changing Touch Control Vase/Lamp w/Remote


Albrillo Table Lamps, Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp Vase with Remote Control, Rechargeable, Dimmable Color Changing RGB
by Albrillo


I love this lamp/vase I got it for use as a night light for the area at the top of the stairs. It emits just enough light to see where you are in relation to the stairs. At night, the only option for lights on the stairs is an overhead fixture that quite frankly is too much light, it tends to wake me up too much I can’t seem to get back to sleep. But with the lamp/vase it is just enough light.

Also, my landing at the top of the stairs does not have any plug outlets, a flaw of the contractor. Even though the base requires electricity the lamp is rechargeable. During the day, I put it on its charging base in an adjacent room and at night its beautiful color changing effect lights my way to let the fur-baby out or get a midnight snack.
I love that it is has a dual purpose as a lamp and a vase. I put a little spray of ivy and some quilled flowers that I made in the vase. I think it looks beautiful. I could use the vase for fresh flowers, as the removable tube in the middle of the lamp is sealed and does not leak. I prefer to not have to deal with leaves dropping and dying flowers. I have grown accustomed to using silk flowers and greenery, throughout my home, for this reason.
The lamp/vase takes a full 8-hours of charging time, but will then run all night long, changing colors about every 2 seconds or it can be set to one steady color. There are 7 colors in all. It came with a remote control that allows me to choose the mode and speed of the changing colors. At the base of the lamp there are touch controls, for activating the lamp and its color changing features. The lamp itself is made of glass, but the vase portion is a heavy plastic. Also, the charging base is a heavy plastic type material.
The lamp is very low wattage so it does not get hot to touch and it does not require the base to operate it, just for charging. So, I can literally put my lamp anywhere I want. I totally love this item and would recommend it to all my friends and family. I am certain they would love it as I do. This would be a great night light in a nursery too, with all the bright colors it has to choose from and a dimming or bright option makes it perfect for use as a night light.#SocialMediaReview #Albrillo #ColorChanging #Rechageable #NightLite


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