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Doll House Family of 4 + Grandparents…/B01…/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00…

Tinksky Happy Doll Family Wooden Joint Puppet Maumet Including Grandparents for Kids Fun Role Playing christmas gift, Pack of 6
Sold by: Minecarts

This little wooden family is reminiscent of the wooden clothespin dolls of yesteryear. They are a charming family with their bright eyes and big smiles. I am certain my granddaughter is going to fall in love with each member of this little family.


6 wooden dolls in all the largest one measures 4 ½ inches tall the smallest is 3 ½ inches tall. Each doll is dressed although, the clothing is not removeable. They all have yarn hair. Their legs are fixed and do not move, but their arms will move up and down.

I know that the one thing my granddaughter is going to love about this set of dolls is they stand up. All of them can stand alone without help or being leaned against something. I do not know why but this is a big deal for the little ones, they really get upset when their dolls or action figures won’t stand up.


She has a wooden doll house. She has tried using other dolls to play in her house but they have all been too big, these are the perfect size for her house. I’m quite certain she will spend hours playing with her new little family. She will also love the fact that there is a set of grandparents. As she spends a lot of time with her grandparents, so to her they are part of the family and ought not to be left out.

The only thing I think she may have a fit about is the fact that their clothes don’t come off. She spends a great deal of her time playing with dolls changing their clothes. They would be perfect if they could change outfits. Although, that would mean mom would have to get busy making extra clothing for each of the family members.

All in all, you can’t beat the price. For an entire family of play house dolls these are very affordable. The amount of pretend play she is going to have with these dolls make them priceless.

I would recommend these to family and friends. However, I would not recommend them for any child that still puts toys and things in their mouth. The child I bought these for is 5 years old which I think is probably about the right age for these dolls.

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