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Inflatable Air Lounger

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I saw these inflatable loungers and I had to have one. I was told to use patience whilst inflating the lounger. Had it not been raining all weekend where I live that probably would have been sage advice. On the other hand, since it was raining all weekend I couldn’t inflate my air lounger as instructed. Which the instructions state to make certain it is a windy day and by opening each side of the lounger and taking a run at the wind that is how one is supposed to inflate the lounger.


Well unconventional thinking is usually par for the course with me. So, I used my shop vacuum reversed the intake to outflow and viola`, instant air lounger. Yes, that was the ticket it took me 3 minutes from beginning to end. Now in saying that I realize that most people aren’t traveling with a shop vac. I tried one of those air mattress air pumps. It plugs into my car’s cigarette lighter and that only took 10 minutes at the most, to fill both sides of the lounger. Even though it is a rainy day, I still got to be lazy in my new lounger.

IMG_4338.JPGWow is it comfortable. It did take a little rocking back and forth to get out of the darn thing, but I really didn’t want to get up when I did. It is what laying across a cloud must feel like. No pressure spots where my body was going to hurt later, because my body doesn’t touch the floor at all.

The lounger holds the air relatively well. It held for 4 hours and counting. Around the 5-hour mark it had noticeably less air but I could still lay in it and no part of me is touching the ground. From that point forward though, air loss was detrimental to my overall comfort. By 7-hours it needed more air. Hey I think that is good since it isn’t a balloon. If I wanted to sleep on it say while camping or something like that. I would have to expect a less than eight hour nights’ rest. I could use it for extra lounging while the grand kids are visiting when its movie time, this lounger would be a hit. In fact, I would bet if we don’t have several than we can’t use one because everyone is going to be fighting over who gets to use the inflatable lounger.



Specifics: The overall size of the lounger is roughly the size of a two-cushion couch approximately 6-feet in length. It is almost 3-feet wide and 2 ½ feet deep. To use it you lay in the middle of two inflated tubes. Much like a hot dog in a hot dog bun. The way the opening works and how it closes is ingenious. Easier to show pictures than explain that. But once air is trapped then I just rolled the end over itself twice and latched it with the locking buckle and I was set to enjoy a 2-hour movie just kickin’ it in my living room. It was great.

I love this lounger and would recommend to all to get a couple of them, because you are not going to want to share. I am hoping to at least get one more. They are fun and comfy and all ages would love this inflatable lounger.

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