Wireless Blue-Tooth Stereo Headphones

ZEALOT H7 Bluetooth Headphones with Wireless Neckband,Noise Cancelling Mic,Sweatproof Magnetic Earbuds,Tangle Free Cable,3 Sizes of Earbuds,Breathable Mesh Bags Perfect for Iphone 7/7Plus(Black)
Sold by: xExSOUND-US

I got these headphones for my honey for Christmas. He doesn’t like having the wire because it he catches the wire on stuff. When you catch the wires for your earbuds on something the earbuds get ripped out of your ears. I can only imagine that is what he dislikes.

These earbuds are attached to what the manufacturer calls a unibody neckband. Basically, that means that the headphones that rest on and around your neck and the earbuds come from each side. The unibody neckband is made from lightweight material, so he barely knows it’s there, but it offers something a little substantial from regular earbuds for a big guy like my honey.

I like that they used flat wire for connecting the earbuds, flat thicker wire won’t tangle that easily. Also, the earbuds themselves are magnetized aiding in tangle free earbuds. He is going to love those features also. Not to mention, the hands-free operation of his cell phone, these will vibrate to signify any incoming calls.
One other feature that these headphones have is they can connect to two separate devices at the same time and easily toggle between the two. This ought to come in handy when he is at work. Leaving his phone strictly for communicating with his crew, he will be able to sync up to his portable music player too.

I think he is going to love the stereo headphones, if he doesn’t I’ll keep them for myself. The music playback is incredibly clear with nice bass, not tinny sounding in any way. I would recommend these to my friends you bet I would and I bought these for family so I guess it is safe to say I really like these and totally feel like they are worth the money I paid for them.
A bonus is the have a flashing LED light so when he is working in a building without lights he is easier to find. Oh yeah, he is an electrician, he is often hard to find in dark buildings. Plus they give you a cushioned mesh drawstring bag to store these in when not in use.


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