Wool Dryer Balls 10 pack

Wool Dryer Balls Yazer Pack of 10 XL Wooll Balls 100% Natural Handmade Organic Fabric Softner
by Yazer

I had never heard of such things as wool dryer balls before Yazer had offered me to try them. I must admit I was more than curious about them and exactly how they work. I could not wait to try them. Finally, they came through the mail I was so excited. Seems funny to be so excited over wool balls but I was.
I hurried and got a load of clothes ready for laundering. It seemed to take longer to wash this time more so than any time before, but I guess that was my excitement that caused the feeling that they would never finish washing. In the meantime, I read about how to use them and that I could use essential oils to add a scent. My favorite scent is cucumber melon it smells so fresh, so I put a few drops on two of the 6 balls it stated to use for an average size wash load.

First thing I couldn’t help but notice was the drying time. My dryer has a buzzer that goes off when clothes are dry. It has been 45 minutes no matter what was washed, it is always 45 minutes. Except this time, it only took 28 minutes. 28 minutes! The only change I had made was to throw in with my laundry those 6 wool balls. Cut my clothes drying time by a 1/3 that is huge! You know how much money I am going to save on my gas bill? I don’t either but I am smart enough to know that on average I do 7-8 loads of laundry a week. 7-8 times 15 minutes is almost 2 hours. That’s two less hours a week of gas and electricity being used. Multiply that by 4 I will be saving eight hours a month on my gas bill. That alone is reason for continued use of these dryer balls. My clothes were soft as if I had used a softener which I did not and I purposely put in an acrylic sweater and a rayon blouse totally expecting the entire dryer full to have enough static cling that my hair would stand up and I would be shocking the dog. But, it wasn’t not that all the static cling was gone but it was barely noticed just the rayon blend had a hint of static. I am impressed and it takes a lot to impress me. Moreover, all my laundry, my jeans, the towels, the sweater and even the rayon blouse that I had put into this test load of laundry had a light scent of cucumber melon. Yeah! They work every bit like it stated and more. I started that load of laundry with an okay, sure whatever you say attitude and 28minutes later was eating crow and calling my friends. This is amazing, I wonder how is it I had never heard of such a thing prior to finding them on the AMZASSIST site and YAZER was offering a 10 pack. I have told everyone I know they need to Get Balls, wool dryer balls.

There are several reasons why I am absolutely going to keep using my dryer balls by YAZER. 1. Saving money on my utilities, 96 solid hours a yr. that is a lot of savings. 2. Saving money on fabric softener sheets. 3. I get to have all my laundry smelling fresh and clean with a scent of my choosing.

A side note is I could do two more loads of laundry with the same 6 balls and maintain 28 minutes to dry time, but the 4th load took 35 minutes, I think it is because the wool balls needed to dry a bit by themselves so I got out the other four balls I have 10 total. I dropped a couple drops of scent on them and got the 5th load dried in what, 27 minutes with only 4 balls! I was supposed to use 6 but 4 did it just fine. Laundry is done for now and everything is static free and smelling great. I have never been so anxious to do laundry but I can’t wait to have some more dirty clothes so I can use my wool dryer balls again. Thank you YAZER and AMZASSIST, I am so grateful you helped me discover wool dryer balls, and sent me 10 to try. I am giving some to my mother for her birthday in February. She will think I am crazy until she tries them and then another faithful user will be born.

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