3 pc. World Map on Canvas

Canvas Prints Map Art, NLEADER Wall Art Prints – 3 Pieces -World Map 105×70 cm( 41.3×27.6 in) (Frameless)

I received my world map today, can i just say WoW! First I need to just step back and look at it, I mean seriously the rich earth tones that are used to make up the maps color palette. It’s gorgeous. Every corner of the map, and around the globe is boldly displayed in deep reds, orange, burnt umber and olive green. Each continent bathed in an almost butter colored ocean. It really gives the map that old world antique feel. I can’t get over how accurate it is either. Really, check out those Polynesian Islands. I would bet that not one island was left out. The African continent just blows me away from Cape Town to Tripoli all of those fabulous fall colors, each depict a country, defining each one. Care has been taken to include even the smallest countries, just as the largest. Far more detailed than I thought it would be, it really is fabulous. This is going to look magnificent is my husbands man cave with all the rich brown leather in there. I can’t wait to frame. I love that it is 3 sections instead one giant map. It adds to the artistry being separated as it is. Yet each piece is large enough you don’t loose the fact that it is a world map. It is on unstretched canvas so framing shouldn’t be too much trouble at all. All the hardware was included, the hangers and such. Thank you, to the nice folks at NLEADER I love my world map and I am certain to have it for many years to come. I will definitely enjoy it.

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Whether I received this product free for the purpose of testing. Or paid with my own bucks. Products are reviewed on their own merit. I will always review with an UN-biased eye, because I too use reviews to help me decide if I am going to purchase or not. If this review was helpful in anyway please like it before you go. Thank you.


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