SmartDude Wireless Doorbell

SmartDude Wireless Doorbell SD003 Waterdrop Wireless Plug in System with Light Long Range, 36 Chimes, Loud Ring Doorbell Kit
by SmartDude

My thoughts on my new Smarthome wireless img_3648doorbell by SmartDude. I’ll start by saying I like its sleek compact style and it is energy saving. Moreover it isn’t complicated. Part list or the stuff that comes in the box. 1. the bell unit, it is the part that plugs into an electrical outlet. 2. The push button to activate the doorbell, this is the part that goes by the front door, in my case. 3. A tiny phillips screwdriver. 4. About a 1.5″ x 1″ of 3m heavy duty double sided tape. That’s it, that is all the parts. It literally takes seconds to install the Smarthome Doorbell. Funny thing is It took me longer to laminate a sign that I made that states ring this bell too. We may be out in the back 40. That took me awhile.
Let me start by saying I have a extremely long backyard estimate 100 yrds. or so. Check out the picture It is taken from the patio. When my husband or I are both in the back yard, we hear nothing from the front of the house. Beginning to understand my excitement over a doorbell? Because my yard is so long it was a no brainer where to plug in the bell unit. You bet, way out there in the backyard, almost to the fence.

Believe it or not this Smarthome doorbell has quite a range from bell unit to push button its around 200 – 300 meters. Wow, right. I didn’t think it would work as well, but it does. In fact it is incredible how well it works. Bonus the bell unit plays 36 different tunes that you can choose from so you get to change it up making it 36 doorbells in one, well sort of. Not really, but you get what I mean. There is also a volume control that ranges from, “I can hear it just fine, to “Man does it need to be so loud,” . 
All kidding aside I haven’t found anything I don’t like about SmartDudes, Smarthome Wireless Doorbell. Instantly it eliminated the tongue lashing we would here from people that came over to the house. That would give up and go home because we couldn’t hear them knocking. It also has a great price too, really affordable. I am completely obsessed with my new doorbell, when family or friends come over they are in the door maybe a foot and I am grabbing their arm to show them our Smarthome wireless doorbell, by SmartDude, for smart people.


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** Although I received this product free for the purpose of testing. It does not make me like it any more than if I had purchased it with my own hard earned money. I will always review with an UN-biased eye, because I too use reviews to help me decide if I am going to purchase or not. If this review was helpful in anyway please like it before you go. Thank you.


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