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Motion Sensor Solar Powered LED Light


QITECO Aluminum Alloy Waterproof Microwave Radar Led Solar Outdoor Garden Lights with Motion Sensor, Equal to 100w Bulb for Patios, Garden,Pathways, Driveways, Deck, Yard

Sold by: QIO TECH

This motion sensor solar charged light is going to be perfect for my mother’s back patio door. When they built, my mother’s house the contractor decided having the outside light for the back door some 5-feet away from the door on the side where the door blocks the light. My dad never got around to changing the door to open the other way of rewiringimg_4354 the light to the other side of the door and closer. So I got her this easy to hang, low maintenance, won’t raise her electricity bill, no worries porch light.


Exactly what she needs. The light is dim enough to light your path, until someone triggers the motion sensor than it glows bright until that someone is away from sensor. Therefore, if someone is at her back door it will be bright enough for her to see who it is. It states in the instruction to let charge bright sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours before using the special key (included, key is a piece of rigid wired to put into hole on face of light) to turn on light. I like the fact that it has an on off. Just as if it was shipping if you don’t need it for a while you can use the wire to turn off the light again.


After initial charge instructions say about every 3 months turn off power from battery using the wire key and let charge a full six hours again. Or if the light starts blinking off and on and off again it needs a good charging and not getting enough sunlight where it is or too many gray overcast days in a row. So, it’s a low maintenance light because I will have to charge it for her every 3 months.


Light is constructed of a lightweight metal and glass it is very well made and is waterproof. This going to be great I can’t wait to get it over there and installed. The light is 9-inches long and 3-inch triangular shape. At the brightest the light gets it is equal to a 100-watt bulb. The dim light is like a 25-watt bulb.

The item came to me in perfect working order, packaging not disrupted. In the amount of time specified at time of order. I would definitely purchase from this product line and seller again. It is clear they enjoy quality inventory as much as I enjoy getting my money’s worth.

What is in the box, The Solar powered motion sensor light, Hardware for hanging the light, A hole measurement tool, A detailed instruction pamphlet

The first picture is my balcony without light and then with it.

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