Plush Inch Worm Stroller Car-Seat toy


Leorx Spiral Toy, Stroller Toy, Bed Hanging Toys, Baby Car Seat Toy

Sold by: Linkskus

Cutest inchworm ever! This stroller toy I bought for a friend who just a little baby girl. I know she is brand new but I believe it’s never too early to start with sensory learning items. This toy has all sorts of surprises for baby. The froggy has a squeaker, the doughnut has different textured ribbons and rattles while the butterfly also has ribbons and it crinkles when squished.

I like the design of this toy it is perfect for those handled car-seat/carriers for infants. All I did was coiled the inch worm around the handle of the carrier. The toy stays in place and the attached toys are with-in her grasp it is perfect.

The soft plush inch worm is about 20 inches long, and is brightly colored with all the primary colors represented. The toys are securely fastened to the inch worm using textured ribbons adding even more sensory objects to explore. Little babies are going to love this happy smiling face the inch worn has.

I am certain this toy could also be fastened to a stroller although, it does come with fasteners or any means of attaching it to a stroller or play pen. Which would be great if they would have included that in either the design or something added with-in the packaging that could be used to hang it up. Either way the baby going to love snuggling her new friend.

I would suggest to seller or maker that a means to attach the toy, would be beneficial to me and anyone else that purchases the toy. I must admit coiling the toy around the handle of the infant car seat, sure looks adorable.


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