9 in 1 Multi Tool


beegod Multitool Mini 9-in-1 Folding Pliers Multi-Tool Stainless Steel SOG EDC Pocket Size Portable Toolkit



This multi tool is just what I wanted. It is small and compact. It even comes with a case to keep it in that will lace onto a belt but, I got it to keep in my purse. There are 9 tool included. Even so, there are all kinds of jobs, that are made easier when out and about, I’ll be ready for it.  A major plus that I haven’t seen before is the pliers are spring loaded. YEAH! Very nice, since as I get older it gets harder for me to use these types of tools.


There is also wire cutter/stripper, that would have come in handy last week when I was trying to belt my friends grand kid in the cart at the market and some wise guy had wound some sort of wire around the buckle it took forever to get that wire off. I would have been able to remove it wham bam, if had had this multi tool then, instead I stood there fighting with it for a good ten minutes getting it untangled.

There is a smooth sided and smooth top tool, not sure what the purpose of that one is, but it’s great for cleaning out from under my finger nails. Which I do often because it drives me nuts to have gunk under my nails. Then there is a saw blade, a scraper blade and a bottle opener, oh and a file which in a pinch will work for a broken nail if you file gently; I have done that before. An awl for poking holes in a belt that might need tightening.



There are many uses, and unintended uses for such a handy tool. I am super happy with my purchase and feel more confident knowing I have it, for just in cases. I told my daughter she needs to get one too. I told her to just keep it in her purse, to believe me someday it will come in handy. May seem silly now but when you need one of the tools you will see then how nice it is to have it on hand.

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