Big, Middle, & Little Sister Necklaces Just Model 3pcs Family Jewelry Gift Love Heart Charm Pendant Necklace Set for Sister Free Sliver Sold by: GebAndNut

I have three granddaughters, so when I saw this 3 piece necklace set I knew instantly I wanted it for a Valentines gift from their Nana and Papa. After all they are indeed who hold our hearts. It is 3 pieces of a heart that is cut to make 3 separate pendants one for each sister. I could actually fit the pieces together to form the heart they were cut from. So, Cool! The big sister pendant is the shape of a crescent moon. The middle sister is a heart within a heart. For the little sister, a heart. The heart cut-out from the middle sisters. Better still, each pendant piece is engraved for each big, middle, and little, sister it is perfect.


I was glad to see that the necklaces are adjustable, since their ages are 15, 12, and 5 years of age. They adjust from the shortest length of 18-inches to 20-inches long. Each necklace has a lobster claw clasp. In my opinion the lobster claw being a very strong clasp. The necklaces are going to children so, strong claps are great. For the oldest it’s even more perfect since she only likes silver jewelry. This necklace will match the rest of her accessories. I am certain they are all going to love it.

img_4374I am hoping my daughter remembers to take photos or make a video when their gift arrives, since they live far away. I can’t wait for them to get their Valentines so I’ll be sending out with tomorrow’s mail. I am very pleased with this purchase, it’s worth every penny. I would absolutely recommend this set to anyone who is blessed enough to have 3 beautiful girls to give them too, like we do.



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