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His & Her Forever Love Rings

“Forever Love” Black & Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Titanium Wedding Band Couple Rings

by Meidiya

A few months ago, my husband’s wedding got caught up on something at work and he couldn’t pull his hand out of the panel he reached into. Long story short his wedding band is in two pieces one half a mangled, twisted piece of gold.  I was window shopping on Amazon and spotted this 2-ring set (bonus jewelry for me) one for him one for me. The set looks nice and is very affordable so, I figured he could wear this ring until we got his actual wedding ring replaced.


When they came, I was really excited to see if they were as nice as had hoped they were from the picture online. It was stated that the rings come in a presentation box.  I was expecting 2 ring boxes. Instead the two rings are placed in the center of a satin filled box with a double hinged lid it is quite nice but wasn’t at all what I expected.

The man’s ring is because of the black edging has the appearance of being slimmer or skinnier than it is. It is engraved with the words Forever Love with a star pattern in between the words that give it the appearance of a stone being there. The woman’s ring is exactly like his only in a rose gold tone. Being a pinkish color on the edges this ring appearance seems wider than it is.

Both are high polished well-made rings I cannot complain any about craftsmanship A+ on that. I wish however the men’s band was a little bit thicker, since I did not realize the optical illusion the dark outer edges would cause. Still a lovely ring though.

I’m waiting for Valentine’s Day to give him his ring. Anxious to see his face when I do.

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