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Multi-Purpose Cord Clips

Philonext Desktop Cable Organizer – Wire Clips Cord Organize for Your Computer- Electrical, Charging or Mouse Cord -6pcs Black (All Black)
Sold by: TedGem Direct
One would have thought I discovered the invention of the wheel in that package containing cord clips. These are the handiest what-nots I have discovered in a long while. I mean, talk about taming the beast. These cord clips took a mess of cords coming this way going out that way and every direction one could imagine and got that mess cleaned up nice and neat in a matter of minutes.
Check it out, I used one at our charging station to line out the cords making it so much easier to get our hands on the exact one we need for our individual devices. Four of the round USB charging cords fit snuggly into the clip keeping the cords organized and at hand.
When it comes to the home pc I think everyone has a jungle of cords just like me. I used 2 for the pc, and clipped all the power cords for the computer, monitor, printer, and keyboard, along with the wires for our added speakers. Just 2 little clips tamed that mess.
The clips come six to a package. The clips are made from soft like rubbery compound. Each one has double sided tape affixed to the back. Making them perfect for holding a dry erase pen for my white board. They are holding cords in place at a charging station so they are easily identified and stay in that order so my cord is in the same place every time I need it. They worked for taming the cord mess our game console makes too.
Funny when I bought these I thought for sure 6 would be enough, it’s not. I am ordering more so I can put one on the fridge next to the “we need this” notepad we use to write out our shopping list. I also want to send some to the grand kids who can use them to hold extra pencils or pens inside their lockers, making them easy to find. My husband took one and stuck it at the top of the door in the garage and it is used to hold the pad lock key to the side gate of our backyard. He just put the key on a ring and the cord clip holds it securely so, now we always know where that darn key is. img_4449
I am certain in time we are bound to find even more uses for these versatile cord clips. They may not be the wheel but they sure are handy. We totally love them and I have told everybody I know what they are and where to get them.
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