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Aroma Diffuser; Humidifier

Aroma Diffuser

Sold by: oobest-US


I am super excited I wanted one of these from the first time I saw them. I love aromatherapy I know it can add tranquility to my home or fresh spring day in the dead of winter. Pretty much any mood I am in there is a scent for and this diffuser is a healthy alternative for me.

I use it in my bedroom and it keeps the air from being so dry due to the heater being on so much because it’s cold. It doesn’t add so much humidity to where I feel sticky but it does add enough that my nose and throat don’t feel as though I have sawdust in them.  I Love it!

I like to add cucumber melon oil (essential oils are not included) to my diffuser during the day but at night lavender is so calming and relaxing and nice to fall asleep to. The diffuser emits the scent via the water vapor it produces when it’s on. It turns itself off, when water level is too low for normal operation, which is a super cool safety feature. This is a good size diffuser it will easily add humidity and scent throughout the day all day for approximately 15-18 hours. It has a 300ml. tank which is roughly one cup of water.


I wanted this diffuser because it also has color changing LED lights that I can set to either one color or as I like it have it slowly change from one color to the next in all the colors of the rainbow. I love my diffuser I can’t believe I waited so long to get one and now I don’t want to be without one.

Aroma Diffuser is a healthy way to utilize aromatherapy in my home and it looks beautiful doing so for that I rate this product A+++. You bet I am bragging about to everyone I know telling them to get themselves one they will not be sorry.

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