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Beauty Speaker: Selfie & 3 Watt Speaker

Zoweetek 2-in-1 Selfie Light Beautify Photos Speaker with 6 Brightness Modes Cold and Warm Fill Light, Portable Mini Loud Speakers Enhanced Bass Resonator for Smart Phones Laptop PC (Black)
by Zoweetek
My oldest granddaughter takes selfie pix almost as much as “The Kardashians”. She has all the apps and apparatus to take selfies but she didn’t have a selfie spotlight/speaker. So, when I spotted this Beauty Speaker I got one for my selfie queen.
This selfie light and speaker combo attaches to your phone, tablet, lap top etc. It utilizes the headphones jack of your device. Just two quick button pushes and instantly she will have 3 extra watts of sound when she makes her videos. It is easy to tell it is set to music mode because a musical note appears in the center of the button, and colored lights flicker from blue to green, purple, etc. It’s kind of cool!
The light is turned on by holding the same button down for like 2 seconds, and a bright white spotlight will come on. All she has to do is push the button again for each of the 6 different lighting choices. She is going to have a lot of fun and she will be able to perfect her selfie pix. Spotlight to an ambient soft light I am certain she is going to have a blast with this new accessory.
I checked out the spotlight and took some pix of my fur-baby. Turns out she looks best in a soft warm glow rather than the bright white. Really brings out her eyes don’t you think?
What’s in the box?
Beauty Speaker
USB Charge cord
The easy to follow directions are printed right on the box. They are easy to understand too. I’m a grandma if I can do it anybody can do it. I think this is a really cool accessory. I know my granddaughter is super excited about it and can’t wait for it to get there
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