Magic Karaoke Player: Blue-Tooth Microphone

Magic Karaoke Microphone

ESHISHANG Multi Magic Karaoke player Portable Wireless Bluetooth Microphone with Mic Speaker Condenser Fashion Home Mini Karaoke Player KTV Singing Record for Apple Samsung iPhone Smart Phone (Black)

Sold by: Jinrui TECH

Talk about fun! This is ridiculous fun if you want to be a singing sensation for an evening this is surely the way to do it. The microphone is equipped with internal speakers, has echo feature and is really loud without distortion. Kids are going to love it. Adults are going to love just the same. This is the party entertainment in a box. The microphone is a double unit both speakers/microphone, and if you connect it to a smart-phone or other USB able device it can be a recording studio too.

Moreover, it could be used as a P.A. system for small indoor events. It is that loud.  I for one can’t wait to get the family all together and watch the concert I am certain will be put on by all the hams that I have in my family. Children and adults alike. It’s going to be the smash hit of our family get together I just know it. I know my grandkids will love it the have been putting on concerts and singing into brushes since they started walking and talking.


The Magic karaoke Player is rechargeable via USB and like I said recordable when connected to a device that can record and playback music, which most can nowadays. I so excited about this Karaoke player and so happy I got it. My husband and I played with around with it for a little while when it came. Acting silly singing our hearts out it was so much fun.

I have told everyone I know how cool my new toy is and I just know they are chomping at the bit to get their hands on it and try it out for themselves. I will update later with some tid-bits of our family concert. It is certain to be better than any prior concerts I know that much.


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