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Zealot Touch Control Blue-Tooth Speaker

Control Touch Blue-Tooth Speaker

ZEALOT S7 Touch Control Bluetooth Wireless Speakers 4 Drivers 50W Power Bank with Built-in 10000mAh Battery,LED Bar,Aux Audio/TF Card Supported
Sold by: xExSOUND-US


In the age of technology my music listening habits haven’t changed much. How I listen to music has immensely. I have a laptop that has almost 2000 songs downloaded on it. I know old school to some of you but just like some of you, where your phone is your life. For me it is my laptop. It has been ages since the old 3 piece stereo combo unit quit working. I still like having my tunes blaring throughout the house when I am cleaning the house, folding clothes, or doing my workout. Getting this blue-tooth speaker is how I’m going old school with new technology.


I love this speaker! Its loud, it’s clear, and it can bump, or thump or whatever it’s called nowadays. I live in a two story and it is incredibly hard to hear music in all corners of my house, but I can with this speaker. I can sync it to my computer or I can plug my Mp3 (yeah, yeah, I know even older school) directly into the speaker, and I’ve my tunes for hours, since once charged it has a run time of about 24 hours. All the details of why its loud and stuff like that I have no idea, but what I do know is even when it’s on almost as high as it can go there is no tinny sound or distortion, just clear clean music tracks. It looks so cool with the blue LED lights and the touch controls are quick and responsive. It Is extremely well made, not plastic. It does have a little weight to it but still highly portable. I just love it.


I am a little selfish with my new toy too. My husband has been drooling over this speaker since I got it, but it’s mine. Maybe I will surprise him with one for himself, but I think I’ll let him be envious of me for a little while longer. ROFL I know it sounds mean but it doesn’t happen often that he even cares about my stuff, so I want to enjoy it while it last.

This Zealot Speaker is a super smart purchase. I would recommend everyone get one of these. It’s affordable and has great sound, worth every penny. I am really pleased with this blue-tooth speaker. Oh, almost forgot it can be used as a power bank up to 50 watts WOW! It also is TF/card supported. Cool huh?

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