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Crystal Bubble Fairy Lights (Blue) Solar Charged


Christmas Solar String Light ,20ft 30LED Fairy String Lights Bubble Crystal Ball Lights Decorative Lighting for Garland, Garden, Home, Patio, Lawn, Party ,Holiday ,Outdoor Decor (blue)

by Bolansi


I decided to change things up a bit and use this string of lights to brighten up a boring corner in my living room. I know, they are solar and suppose to go outside. I found that if the solar charging panel is place under my household lamp they stay charged just fine. The lamp needs to have a lampshade, so the light is directed downward but yes this will charge up the light strand just fine.

I have such a lamp sitting on a table in the corner of my living room. It has a timer on it so it comes on about 3 o’clock and it goes off at 10 o’clock at night. The living room is dark until morning, but not anymore.

The table has one shelf underneath it. I have a plant on the shelf and decided I would inter weave this pretty, blue light strand throughout the plant. No worries it is a silk plant. Although this strand of lights is waterproof so that wouldn’t matter. Also, the LED lights do not get hot so no worries for fire either.

Anyway, I placed the solar charging window face up on the backside of the table behind the lamp, so it doesn’t show can still be charging my lights when the lamp is on. Now, we have this beautiful arrangement that is green ivy that lights the living enough to see our way through to the kitchen if we wake up and want a midnight snack. The solar panel is not only behind the lamp hidden but it is also out of protected from the glow of our television and a small light in the entry way. So far, my idea is working perfectly.


I think it looks beautiful, don’t you? I have already received compliments on this arraignment. One of my friends even asked me to make her a similar arraignment. Hmm, maybe a side business in this for me. I might have to from time to time take the whole arraignment outside for some powerful sun charging but a small price to pay for adding a little charm and whimsy to my indoor décor.

I love these little lights. I thought they were bigger from the pictures. I am glad they weren’t so big. They aren’t tiny they are the perfect size for what I used them for. 1 inch diameter each one and there are 30 of them. The trick was hiding the twenty feet of wire they are strung on.


I would like to thank the seller whom sent me these lights, so sweet I love them thank you so much. I thank the administrators over at AMZASSIST for allowing me to be part of the group. These bubble fairy lights are such a nice gift to receive. Thank you all very much.

I would absolutely recommend these fairy lights to others that I know and we will all have fun finding other ways to add whimsy to their home, garden, or patios.

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