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Garden Mushroom 2 pk.

Garden Mushroom

Fashionlite Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Stakes Color Changing Mushroom Lights For Lawn Yard Decorations (2 Mushrooms)

by Fashionlite


I have several extra-large potted plants and I had been looking for solar lights to dress them up for parties or just to pretty-up the patio in the winter. We still use our patio quite a bit here in So. California, the winter isn’t that extreme and well, any time is a good time to Bar-B-Q at my house.


These color-changing, solar-powered garden mushrooms are so sweet they are just big enough to create a bit of whimsy, and dress up my potted plants without overwhelming the space.


They measure 5-inches by 4 ½ inches without the soil spike they are frosted and clear mixed plastic. The mushrooms are waterproof too. They require an initial charge time of 12-24 hours, if they are in a spot where they can be charged by the bright sun they will run for weeks, depending on the amount they receive. They are also photo sensored so they are on at dusk off at dawn.


After having them for a few days, the only con I have found, are with the instructions. They are very detailed when talking about charging them and care for the solar mushrooms. However, I had to get online and look on Amazon to figure out they needed to be opened and switched on. The instruction say to turn them on but don’t say where or how and looking over the entire mushroom I couldn’t see where they open. Thankfully, the instructions online were more complete.


If I had given these as a gift to my aunt who is not internet savvy she probably would have thought, they were broken. She wouldn’t complain to me they didn’t work and I have little doubt that she would look online, or try to, to find out what was wrong with her gift. So, I would suggest to seller, manufacturer whomever, is in charge instructions to remedy this.


Otherwise, I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend these to others that I know. They are very affordable and add just a little special to any garden decor.


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