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Russian Piping Tips

Russian Piping Tips 19PCS Baker’s Kit,Set for Cake/Cupcake Decorating | 7 Russian Tips, 10 Disposable Pastry Bags, 1 Coupler, 1 Reusable Silicone Pastry Bag, by Mooker (Purple)

by Mooker


When I was a teenager my mom and I took, cake decorating classes, a bunch of them. So, when I saw these Russian Piping Tips I was intrigued, to say the least. I had to check them out for myself. I took those decorating classes all the way through to wedding cakes. I know that borders, flowers, and leaves are all piped using pressure and turning either a decorator nail, icing bag, or the cake itself.

These boasted none of that turning and twisting was necessary. Needless to say, I was skeptical, having learned what I had. Well, they are amazing! This set that I bought are primarily for either cupcakes or covering a large area quickly, but beautifully.

My husband was really, excited as I hadn’t made a decorator cake, since the kids were little. Lucky for me being out of practice doesn’t matter with these decorator tips. They do exactly as advertise. I am still in awe of them. Last night my honey ran to market and got everything I needed to bake a cake and ice it.


I had planned on cupcakes, but a cake would do for my demonstration just as well. After the cake was finished cooling, filled the silicone icing bag with tip already in place. This set of tips is used to make ruffled edges or ruffled medallion type shape. They would have been gorgeous cupcakes.

Check out my pictures below to see what design the tips made. I love the reusable bag. We use to have to use parchment paper rolled into an icing cone. These tips are very different from what I was used to. The main difference and I noticed right off is the size. Each tip is about 3-inches tall. They are cut in such a way that the design is done for you all I had to do was point and squeeze. I can’t wait to show my mom. This particular set includes 7 piping tips 1 silicone reusable icing bag 10 disposable icing bags and 1 tip collate.


I plan on do some more cake decorating now. Especially after seeing how excited my honey was. But mostly because it is super easy with these Russian icing tips. I would recommend them to others because they work and with these tips anyone can serve up some beautiful cakes and pastries.  I also plan on buying more, maybe I’ll get mom a set too.


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