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Wireless Blue-Tooth F.M. Transmitter

CHGeek Bluetooth FM Transmitter Wireless Car Adapter Radio Kit Dual USB Car Charger Support USB Flash Drive & Hands-free Calling Universal for iPhone 7 Plus 6S iPod Samsung S7 Android MP3 -CH05
by CHGeek
Anytime we want to go to the major metropolis near us we go thru and over mountains to get there. There is a 45-minute time-period when the car stereo doesn’t pick up a signal. Having this wireless transmitter is really, nice to have, at this time. My husband’s car is a muscle car of the 60’s original so, no fancy stereo/CD module in this baby.
However, this transmitter allows for us to blue-tooth either music from our phones or our cd’s that are backup on mp3. The radio in the car become a stereo system for whatever device we choose to use. Pretty, cool I think. Now when we go to L.A. we don’t have to listen to poorly tuned in radio stations we get to jam to our own favorites. Bonus I can also answer my phone through the radio too. I just push a button to answer and end calls.
Also, while using one USB port for music I can be charging my phone or hubby’s phone I think this is one of those accessories that should be tucked into every center console or glove/map box. I am telling everyone I know about this gadget because I think everyone should have one.
Getting it dialed in on a frequency was the most difficult part but still didn’t take more than 10 minutes to set it up. As you could see from the shape, it plugs into the cigarette lighter.
In the box are well written instructions (important to have) & the Transmitter.
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