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Catching’ Light Wireless Interactive

Catching Light, The Wireless Doughnut Light

Intelligent Motion Sensing Donut Shape LED Magic Sensor Lamp with USB Charger for Kids, Baby Gift, Living Room, Bedroom, Reading, Outdoor
Sold by iChefer

They call this a magic light and just one interaction with it and you will understand why. First off, the quirky doughnut looking light caught my eye because its unusual shape and appearance. Then I started reading about it and became intrigued by the term catching light.

This is the most impressive lamp I have owned everyone who has seen it has been intrigued by it. One cannot help themselves, they must turn it on and off a few times and dim to bright. The secret to all the fun is it is completely interactive. Only without touch. Peaked your interest now I’ll bet. This light has motion sensory and when a hand is placed about 4-5 inches above the light in a sweeping motion the light turns on. I hold my hand still above the lamp and light switches to a brighter white light. If it is already bright than it will dim with just my hand over the top of it, again not touching it but above it.

It is so cool. We love it. At night, it is placed at on a table at the top of the stairs. If we get hungry for a snack we can turn on the lamp when headed down stairs and on our way back up even if our hands are full we can turn it off with a simple wave. So, you see the more uses I find for this lamp the more magic it seems to become. It is like catching light since I am able to take the lamp with me because it is not tied to a cord that’s plugged into the wall. That’s right it is rechargeable also. It will hold its charge for up to 100 hours depending on how bright the lamp is being used and for how long too. Batteries are installed.

The packaging is something I normally wouldn’t point out but this lamp comes in a heavy gauge white cardboard box. The box has a side magnetic snap lock closing. Inside there is a nice parchment envelope that contains the instructions. Below that will be the doughnut lamp nestled in a molded plastic compartment so there is no danger of lamp being harmed in shipping also included is a flat wire USB cord for charging the lamp.

The lamp is impressive and definitely, a conversation starter and the packaging is a show stopper. They put this together with the intentions of impressing the receiver and that it did. My entire experience with is lamp from un-boxing to turning it on for the first time has been fabulous. I am impressed by the quality and the function. It is a great lamp to own.
It not little either it is 7-inches in diameter, but only 2 ½ inches tall. So, it can sit on a bed side table for getting up with baby. Or fetching a midnight snack. At this very minute I have it hanging on the wall near me so the overhead light doesn’t need to be on.

I love this lamp and would like to get another one. It is well worth the cost. The kids think’s it is magic so that makes it worth getting. I mean it’s not every day that I get to see their jaws drop when I magically turn on the lamp. Lol I guess you could say I am having much fun with my new lamp. I have bragged to everyone about this catching light magic lamp. It is superb quality you will not regret getting one.

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