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Anamazees Morry the Monkey

Anamazees, The First 5-in-1 Pacifier, Morry the Monkey, 9 Inches/Brown, (Baby Rattle, Sings ABC’s, Squeak Toy, Plush Animal Detachable Paci Holder), Gift Set
Sold by: Simply-Affordable


I was online, in search of a baby shower gift, when I ran across something called Anamazees. These are plush stuffed animals that mind the baby’s binkie/pacifier for you. I was already sold, when I heard that, but this little monkey is also a rattle, a squeaky toy and plays the ABC song. As baby grows it will make a great friend and later a keepsake from childhood. So I am thinking to myself, Oh, my goodness I have found what I believe to be, the holy grail of baby gifts.

I bought Morry the Monkey, he is so soft and cuddly, I am certain he and baby will become best friends. Babies first BFF. Thinking back to when my daughter was a baby, when she would lose her pacifier, oh my gosh, there are no words, but it was always bad. That won’t happen because Morry is always on the job. The makers have utilized a super strong Velcro, it will hold baby’s pacifier, and when baby is comforted by the pacifier, baby will also receive hugs and cuddles from Morry. Morry is just the right size for little hands at 6 ½ inches tall.


I wanted something that would be great for baby, but mom and dad too. This 5 in 1 toy fits my gift criteria. Baby can be entertained by the rattle, squeaker or the ABC song. Furthermore, mom and dad will be able to find the pacifier so much easier to locate since it is attached to Morry. They even include a BPA free pacifier. If that isn’t the pacifier, they want to use. That’s okay because other branded pacifiers fit also.


I can’t wait to give this gift as I am certain it will be a big hit. I have been telling all the people that I know about Anamazees. The best thing is they are so affordable too. Then again what price do you put on a future BFF (Best Friend Forever) Needless to say, I am very happy with my purchase and I am certain I will be buying more.


Meet the entire Anamazees family of friends

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