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3 in 1 Lady Shaver, Epilator & Callous Remover

3 in 1 Powerful Epilator+Lady Shaver+Callus Remover Flend Skin Care Set. Double Active Areas on Head Realize Double Effectiveness.
Sold by: Flend US

I was shopping around for one of new callous shavers/removers and ran across this 3 in 1 model. I like that it is rechargeable and the run time on one charge is over an hour. The unit comes with the AC adapter so charging is so easy.
The 3 in 1 is called that because it has 3 different interchangeable heads. 2 different speeds hi and low.


1. A callous shaver with 2 barrels, 1 barrel is for removal of callouses the other side is finishing for smooth callous free feet.
2. A lady shaver, can be used to shave sensitive bikini area, legs and under arms. Comfortable and gentle hair removal. Re-growth is a matter of days.
3. The Lady Epilator, a less comfortable way to do hair removal, can be used on upper lip to remove single stray hairs. Can also be used on bikini area and underarms. Re-growth is estimated at 4-6 weeks.

I love, love the callous remover. It is easy to use gets those callous gone in a short amount of time. I am I guess what some would call a bumpkin. The minute I get home my shoes are off and do not go back on until I need to leave again. I wouldn’t wear shoes out about but it is frowned upon, so I do. The fact that I don’t keep my feet covered 24/7 is why it is so important to me to have nice looking feet. When you run around without shoes callous are a major issue. I give myself a pedicure at least once a week. This has worked to stave off callouses and cracked heels. Well that and a great moisturizer afterwards.

This callous remover turns cracked calloused feet to baby soft very quickly and its super easy to used. The pivoting head means every part of the foot is easy to reach and there is little danger of harm as the barrels will stop spinning if too much pressure is used. I took a comparison pictures. Notice the cracks on the ball of my foot, then they are gone. My feet feel great as good as if I had gone to have a professional pedicure done. Only I got to stay barefoot afterwards.

The lady shaver is really, gentle I shaved my legs and underarms without any pulling of hairs. The shaver is sharp enough to cut and not pull yet, no danger of cutting myself, even on and around my knees. There was absolutely no discomfort what so ever. It is a close shave too. I did as recommended and shower first and used a loofa to remove any dead skin my legs and underarms are smooth and hair free.

I can see why many would love to shave with electric razors. This was my first time using an electric shaving device. I found it to be very, comfortable. It’s convenient too. I shaved my legs whilst I watched the nightly news. Lol I was in my bedroom. Today my legs and underarms are still smooth shaven. A big benefit of this type of shaver is time. It took me approximately 3-5 minutes to shave both underarms and legs. If I was in a hurry and needed to shave my legs I wouldn’t have to stress on that because this shaver gets it done and gets it done quickly.


I must confess I did not brave the epilator attachment, I was not certain I wanted to either. Instructions do say, hair is removed by the root. I did for my review attach the epilator head and it does work but for now that’s as far as I go with the epilator. Maybe some time I will try.


The entire set is beautiful. Suitable to give as a gift. It all comes in a very nice heavy cardboard with a magnetic snap closure. With a beautiful lavender colored flower on the face of it. The main unit and 3 heads are white with lavender or purple accents. The interior has molded foam areas for each piece to nestle into. The shaver and epilator attachments each have safety dust covers and a suede drawstring bag to keep the unit in is included.

The makers have packaged this set for gift giving even if it is a gift you get for yourself. I suggest you spoil yourself and get a 3 in 1 shaver, you will not be sorry. I did and I love it. It is high quality and worth every penny spent. I would totally recommend this product to family and friends it is a fabulous product.
This unit is not water-proof and should never be used in or around water. Danger of electric shock so don’t do it.

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