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3 in 1 Stainless Steel Trimmer Ki

HLYOON 3 in 1 Waterproof Stainless Steel Nose and Hair Trimmer Kit with Changeable Head for Beard and Eye Brow Grooming Set
Sold by HLYOON


I got this 3 in 1 hair trimmer kit for my husband for his birthday. Which is tomorrow but I couldn’t wait and gave it to him early. I must say nothing sexier than a well-groomed man. This grooming set helps him be that man. Unit has 3 different heads to help him too.

1. Nose hair trimmer
2. Eye brow trimmer
3. Sideburns and beard trimmer

Being an electrician he is not a fancy guy. He is a tradesman/construction worker. He doesn’t concern himself worrying whether his nails are cleaned out from under or he has fly away hairs out of control in his eye brows. That is my job. I have noticed that as he ages he is beginning to get hair in places that, well I don’t think looks good. You know hairs out the nose. How about the hairs, wild ones that appear on his ears, what is that all about? When I gave him this gift he kind of raised an eye brow at me. As if he was asking if he really needed it. Trust me.

Any way he disappeared into the master bath and 45 minutes and a shower, emerged a new man. He absolutely loves this 3 in 1. He told me that he had heard about these and that they yank hair out and he had always shied away for that reason. He added not this one. He was very happy with it used all the different trimmers and he is thoroughly impressed.

He said this says it trims nose hairs and it delivers, not one time did it pull a hair and he had no fear of it cutting him. He tried the beard trimmer again he said it is supposed to trim my beard without my beard getting caught in it, and it delivered. Not once pulling on his beard not even a single hair got pulled. Next, he tried the eye brow trimmers. He asked if I had ever seen he had that wild eye brow hair growing out of control? I lied and said no. He said it trimmed his eye brows no cutting, no pulling it delivers.

He asked me to look and see how pretty his brows are now. Maybe he always wanted to be the GQ kind of guy but didn’t have the proper tools. He does now, I know he loves them because for the past 4 days he has found some reason to use the trimmers again and again. So, thank you for making a great product. To use his words a product that delivers.

He also found it to be very macho since its stainless steel and all. LOL Whatever, he needs to tell himself to make it okay to use is alright with me. I snapped some pictures of him using the nose trimmers this morning before work he seems awfully pleased with it. I am super happy too. Have already been telling people I know about this 3 in 1 trimmer and how IT DELIVERS.

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