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3D Nail Art Stickers

3D Nail Sticker for Girls Ladies Students Nail Art Design Decoration Decals 50 Sheets

Sold by: ELECOOL


Wow this is a great buy there are 25 sheets of colored nail art stickers along with 25 black and white nail art stickers. That is very affordable when I stopped and did the math. There are approximately 1250+ nail stickers. Each sheet has enough stickers for all ten finger nails to have one but more than two per nail if I wanted to use up a sheet. So, that means if I used one sticker for every nail each manicure a did for myself that adds up to 125+ manicures. Totally a great buy.


They appeared to me to be decals at first, but they are really stickers. Stickers are so much easier since they don’t move once placed on the nail. I used a pair of tweezers to remove and place each sticker. Due to the fact, that they stay where I put them I was able to, apply all the stickers I wanted to use for each hand all at once. Then a quick clear coat and viola`. Thus, making quick work of my artsy manicure. What do you think? I think they look fabulous I used the high heel shoes sheet it also contains dress forms some hearts and a beautiful scalloped border is on this sheet too.



What is even better is there are 50 sheets and no two are alike. Not even the color and then a black and white like it. No, they are all different. A nice variety of stickers too. There are nautical, flowers of all different kinds, many different heart shaped ones, stars, a multitude of borders or lines like ropes and vines. There are also butterflies full and half views. Dragonflies, sail boats and anchors, fashion subjects like purses and shoes or sunglasses, there are even silhouettes they look like cameos. To just name a few. Something for everyone and plenty to share. I am sending some to my daughter and granddaughters whom I am certain will love them.

I would absolutely recommend this set to friends and family you are definitely going to get your monies worth with these. Picture only show a sampling of whats stickers are included. I apologizes for my nails I should have done an all out manicure but hey you get the idea. lol

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