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Childrens Smart Watch w/GPS Locator


Top Watch TW061 Kids Children Smart Watch Wrist Watch with Anti-lost GPS LBS Tracker SOS Call Location Finder Remote Monitor Activity Tracker SIM Card for Android ios Smartphones, Yellow

Sold by: Storm Store

I saw this kids watch and I had to get it. My granddaughter is going on a field trip over night to another state and I am a nervous wreck because of it. SOS feature and the GPS Locator are the sole reasons I bought this watch. There is an app that needs to be downloaded and set up but once that is finished, awe peace of mind.


App was simple to download, I used a barcode reader that sent me to the download page, simple as that.

3 family member phone numbers correspond with the three buttons on the left side of the watch face. Once those numbers are entered those are the numbers that will be called if the SOS button is pushed for 3 seconds it also sends each number a sms message with the GPS coordinates. Isn’t that cool? So, I will be happy knowing she is safe and if something does happen we will be able to locate her and help her.

There is this thing called the white list these are phone numbers entered into the phone via the app. Only numbers on the white list will be able to call the watch and only numbers watch can answer. The child can also make calls from the watch but, the only numbers that can be called via watch are programmed in on the white list.


There are two ways to monitor a child’s activity 1 is to turn on monitor feature the app will call the phone with drawing the child’s attention to the phone and you can monitor what is happening audibly. Or initiate the geographical fence which is a imaginary fence set up on the app to a certain area and radius surrounding area and if the child wearing the watch is outside that radius the phone that is connected to watch will vibrate and an alarm will go off.  There is also play track history which send a map to the connected phone of the where about of said child during time specified.

It could be said it is violation of privacy but I see it as a way of protecting the child. If child is aware you can track their moves and such than nothing is violated they are aware.

The phone utilizes wireless charging technology. To charge the watch. However, the wireless charger needs to be charged either through computer USB or wall adapter. When charging a light at the base of the charger is red when finished it is green. Personally, I think every kid in America ought to be wearing one of the smart watches for kids.  I would absolutely recommend this watch to anyone with children. Affordable peace of mind.

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