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10,000 mAh Waterproof Power Bank


OUTXE IP67 Waterproof 10000mAh Power Bank Rugged Backup Battery Dustproof Shockproof Outdoor USB Charger

sold by: OUTXE

Our son just went to Alaska to crab fish. Needless to say we are worried sick. But the biggest part of parenting is letting the fly. So, when I spotted this waterproof power bank it was obvious that we needed to get it for our north bound child.


He will be on a fishing boat for most of his time but we would like to hear from him when he is on land this power bank insures he never gets to tell us. His phone died. lol Sometimes we have to eliminate the obvious excuses. This is 10,000 mAh power bank. It can easily charge up his phone twice before it needs to be recharged.

There are a series of 4 blue lights on the end of the power bank each dot represents 1/4 charge or 25% so all for lit up means he will have 100% of that mAh to charge his device.


It was very affordable considering the peace of mind it is giving my husband and I knowing our kid can reach us if say, he wants to come home. lol He is the baby of the three so not stopping him was very hard to do.




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