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FTLL 3D Virtual Reality Headset

FTLL Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses VR Box Goggles for iPhone 5 5s 6/ 6s plus iphone 7/7 plus Samsung Galaxy S4/5/6/7/C5/7/A3/7/5/9 Edge Note 4/5/6/7 LG G5 for Android and IOS

Sold by: Wincabii


My husband recently had his birthday and had express a want to check out the Virtual Reality realm. I got this headset after doing a little research, in truth I had no idea. This headset is very nicely padded. Lots of soft padding around the eyes and a nose guard.

I wasn’t certain how it works. I saw that his phone sits inside the odd, looking goggles/head set. There is a pad made up of little tiny suction cup type things that held his phone really, well.  After we uploaded an app for the smartphone my husband was sitting in his recliner, bobbing and weaving from something he was experiencing. I was entertained just watching him, he looked ridiculous, I couldn’t stop laughing

The head set lenses are super clear for viewing, making the 3D & VR experience even better. Headset is really, comfortable. There are adjustment levers for each eye three different settings.  He loves his new big boy toy and has been playing with it uploading games and such since he got it. The newness hasn’t worn off yet, not sure it will. Unless he runs out of stuff to upload and I doubt that he will.

We had to use a magnifying glass to read the instructions. It was only after I got the magnifier that I saw that instructions are in English following the Chinese. They are not separated they are line for line Chinese than English. Hey at least we could read the instructions.

img_4671Truthfully, I would buy another pair of these just to watch my husband dancing in his easy chair again. That alone made the headset well worth the cost. Joking aside, he loves it so, I am a very happy customer Thank you.

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