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Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

LEADCIN Stainless Steel Mens Bracelet Bike Chain Wide Motorcycle Heavy Bangle Man Jewelry (Black)

Sold by: JOYEN Direct


Wow, I am impressed and my husband loves his new bracelet. He usually will wear a piece of jewelry for a few hours than it is off and tucked away in a box in a drawer. I gave it to him for his birthday a couple days ago, and he is still wearing it. That means he really likes it.

Seriously though, what guy isn’t going to like, a motorcycle chain for a bracelet. This is an impressive piece. It’s heavy and wide it is just over ½ inch thick links. The main color is black but it is silver too. The silver is in all the right places to give it a little glitz. A little sparkle even for a man’s’ man is good.

My husband says he likes it because it doesn’t pull hairs on his wrist. It is smooth as glass all over so it doesn’t snag his skin either. It also has a great fold over, locking clasp so, no danger of it coming undone.

He also said, it’s perfect and he doesn’t have to act all fancy when he wears it. I am certain he can still do all the things he enjoys and doesn’t have to worry about messing it up. It is a rugged tough bracelet. It looks great on him. I am so happy I bought it for him.


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