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Anamazees First 5 in 1 Pacifier Paddy the Puppy

Paddy the Puppy

Anamazees, The First 5-in-1 Pacifier, Paddy the Puppy, 9 Inches/Brown, (Baby Rattle, Sings ABC’s, Squeak Toy, Plush Animal Detachable Paci Holder), Gift Set

Sold by: Simply-Affordable


It seems everyone I know are having babies being born. 3 baby showers in one month. I found this little guy and fell in love with his little face. What a fantastic idea. What little one doesn’t like a stuffie to cling to as they drift off to sleep. I know my babies did.

Paddy the puppy is a pacifier keeper. He is going to make the life of the parents so much easier since, he is easier to keep track of then just a tiny pacifier. I love that, as their new baby is comforted by his/her pacifier their little bundle of joy will receive big hugs from Paddy the puppy.

This is a toy and music box too. It’s going to make a fabulous gift. It is a rattle and it squeaks, but it also plays the Alphabet song, so maybe baby will learn the ABC’s while he/she grows from infant to toddler. As with my children I have little doubt that this puppy will become very important to the baby. Paddy might even be baby’s first best friend.

I had a hard time deciding which, Anamazees 5 in 1 pacifier to get but hey, I have two more showers to go to so, who knows. I am thinking hard about ordering others for the other baby shower invites I have received. It is an affordable, and adorable gift to give. I am quite happy with the quality it is very well made. In the box is also a pacifier with a cover. Although, I can imagine any pacifier with a ring would easily attach to the puppy. Just in case baby has a preference.

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Anamazees,  Best Mom Products of 2016.

Best Mom Products


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