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Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Kit

Soldering Iron kit

Magento’s Superb 9 Pieces Set Soldering Iron Kit 60w – 110v – Best for Small Electric Work, Jewelry and Welding. Adjustable Temperature [5 Free Tips in Various Sizes + Free Solder Wire + Stand].

Sold by: SR Quality Products


This soldering iron is just what I needed to work on my circuitry art. Its temperature control which gets to 450 degrees at the highest setting is perfect since, I fuse different thicknesses of wire. Some wire requires a lot more heat than others. But I need the different wires with colored coating that’s is what I use to form abstract on circuit boards.

The soldering comes with 5 tips which means I got six total, all are different. I plan to play around with them to see if any of them would be better than the other as far as fusing the wires. Maybe it is a matter of preference I do not know. The seller also includes plenty of solder for a novice user to get plenty of practice. Solder came in its own storage container. I appreciate that, it keeps solder free of dirt and oils making my soldering easier and less frustrating.

The stand included, is such a simple design yet, so effective. The stand holds the hot iron securely between uses. As if all of that wasn’t enough, shortly after my purchase the seller sent me a very detailed guide to soldering. The standard do’s and don’ts. A nice perk, if I was new to soldering. Even so, there was a bad solder good solder gallery that was great to visuals.


I am loving my new soldering iron making my art as usual. I would totally recommend it to people who are looking to purchase 1st time or just replacing their old one. Everything that comes with this soldering iron make it very affordable. Not to mention all the help guides and sites listed in the soldering guide.

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