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High Density Full Protection Knee Sleeves for Sports

Shock Absorption Knee Sleeves

Ultra Comfy – High density shock absorption full protection knee sleeves for sports, weight lifting, running, jogging, baseball, avoiding pain when kneeling (1 pair) (Large)

Sold by: Ultra Comfy


The medium compression these knee sleeves offer is just enough to keep joints limber during vigorous activities. My husband is getting up there in age and he refuses to acknowledge that fact. Instead he refers to his aches and especially knee pain to having to play twice as hard to make up for other who don’t play hard enough. Today was the first day he wore the knee sleeves.

At the park, all afternoon running around chasing a little ball would make my knees hurt. Per my husband, he has never felt better. He thinks it had a lot to do with the fact that when he crashed to the ground try to get the ball he had plenty of padding. He is a big man at 6’4” and 240 lbs. and when he landed on his knees he didn’t feel the ground the padding is dense enough for a guy his size it will work for most. Given his size I was worried about the fit. I got the large size after measuring his knees that was the size the size chart recommended. So, sizing is on the money. As far as fit and comfort I would give these sleeves 5 stars.


However, only wearing them one time and the descriptions touts that one can wear them during sporting activities. Given that, they shouldn’t have been torn up just from him landing and sliding about on the ground. For goodness sake, the pants he had on over the knee sleeves didn’t rip at the seams. The one knee shred at the place where the padding is sewn in and for that I give this product 2 stars averaging that out is 3 ½ stars since repairs are necessary I leaned to 3 stars.  Item did arrive as promised without damage.

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