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Zealot Ergonomic H3 Ultra Light Sport Headset

Zealot Ergonomic H3 Sport Headset

ZEALOT H3 Bluetooth Headphones Ultra Light Sports Headset Ergonomic Ear Hook Design(Gold)

Sold by: ZEALOT-Direct

I was reluctant to get this headset after reading some of the reviews. However, I have purchased this brand before and loved it so I gave them the benefit of the doubt to the brand and bought the sport headset.


What is promised by the seller and maker; an extremely loud yet, less than 1% noise distortion high quality stereo effect sound quality. The ergonomic headset comes with 2 replacement pairs of ear bud covers, a spare set of ear hooks and the USB charging cable.  Wireless up to 10 meters.

I got: 1 ergonomic headset, 2 replacement pairs of ear bud cover, a spare set of ear hooks and the USB charging cable. Also, an Instruction booklet.  As for wireless up to 10 meters, I had to look up conversion and found that I can be up to 32 feet away from connected Blue-Tooth device. I think I could go farther than that but won’t split hairs.


The fit of the ergonomic head set is really, nice. They are comfortable, a bit more of a challenge to put on but not too awfully difficult. They feel stable enough I could jog or do housework without feeling like they were going to fall off. The first noticeable thing that makes the headset better for me is the wire behind my neck and completely out of the way. I like that. Instead of fishing a length of wire to find the controls. The way this headset is worn puts the controls resting alongside the right side of my neck, which is more convenient, for me.

The million-dollar question. Does this headset deliver stereo music studio effect, with noise isolation? I can’t say studio effect since I haven’t a clue what that would sound like. I have had this headset for about a week and have used them every day. I think they ROCK. I can’t turn them all the way up because it is too loud but even turned up distortion is at a minimum. If not absent. I am really, glad that I went with my buying history rather than the reviews posted. It’s like I said I have been happy purchasing this same brand in the past and I am happy I did again. Not disappointed here, in fact I am a very happy customer, and would buy them again.

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