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Bowl Light, NightLite
Toilet Night Light, Motion Activated Toilet Night Light, Two Modes with 8 Color Changing – Sensor LED Washroom Night Light – Fits Any Toilet, 2 Pack
Sold by: GATE GOO

I must say that when I saw this toilet night light I thought it was the craziest thing. However, the grand kids had a different opinion. They thought it was cool and begged me to get it. Of course, I got it.

Lid is down, you'll know now.
From now on I will we will know when the lid is down

To my amazement, I find it to be quite useful. All I have to do is walk into the restroom and the motion sensor turns the light on, which is more like a glow, but it is more than enough like to see what you need to. Yet, not blinding like it would be if I had flipped the switch. I like that the most.

To my amusement, it does add color and humor to the white bowl zone, and the kids can’t get enough of it. A friend come over with her grandson it was immediate topic of conversation and for 45 minutes he would run out of the bathroom and yell, “It’s blue now!” or “it’s red now!” he informed us of every color change the toilet light had. It was hysterical. So, for few bucks and a whole lot of laughs I’m glad I got it.

I like that I have choices of seven steady on colors, or I can set it the shuffle through the each of the colors. Each time to light is triggered it goes to the next color. I also like that it is only on when its dark. In my downstairs bathroom, it is always dark because it hasn’t any windows. It’s very helpful to have the toilet light in the restroom. There are times when a body doesn’t have time to flip the switch. Who knew I needed a night light for my toilets, I certainly didn’t. Although, I know how useful they are so, I am glad to have it and would absolutely buy it again.

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