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Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder, Premium Stainless Steel, Acrylic Glass, Ceramic Burr Grinder, Durable Coffee & Spice Mill, Adjustable Grinder, Portable, Freshly Ground Coffee Anywhere, For Coffee Enthusiasts

Sold by: Inspero


Lately it feels as though I spend more time financially embarrassed, then not. As everyone, probably can relate that when tightening our belts, our luxury items are put on hold first. My husband sees my penchant for double mocha mint coffee beans a luxury that we (meaning I) can do without, for now.

However, I spotted this manual coffee grinder I decided some luxuries are not meant for shelving. I bought the coffee grinder so, I can grind enough coffee beans to have a cup of coffee here and there, of my favorite blend.  We compromised.



The Pros:

All stainless-steel body of grinder – easy to clean, looks amazing, can handle being stored on a drawer with other kitchen items with being damaged.

The see-through window in the base or collection tube is nice once I was use to the strength I could mentally remember how much was in the tube so, I know I have enough.

The large handle is easily gripped

Detachable handle makes it easy to store in drawer or pack and go.

Comes apart in sections easier to clean.

Don’t have to be brain surgeon to use it. Put coffee in top section and ground coffee with end up in the bottom. Easy…

Gives me ability to make my own blend and strength of my cup of coffee.


Electricity not necessary manual powered


The Cons:

The packaging states that the grinding gears are made from food-grade plastic. Plastic? Really?

In my opinion plastic gears are going to wear fast given how hard coffee beans are. I was expecting metal gears, stainless steel maybe.

Detachable handle could become separated from grinder rendering grinder no good. I wish it had a chain attached to it and the outside of the grinder so, pieces can’t get lost.

Cylinder/Tube is more narrow than I would like. I can only grind a ¼ cup of beans or less, at a time. I tried a ½ c. and it got jammed up so ¼ cup of beans. This also depends on the size of the beans.

It is not as easy as I thought to hold the grinder and grind at the same time for any length of time.img_4692

In the end, the grinder works as described. It is an affordable alternative, that allows me to monitor how much of my specialty blend coffee I am using. I am happy with my purchase. Product does exactly what I bought it for so, this item gets a grade a rating.

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