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Canvas Storage Box 2 pack

Canvas Storage Boxes

StorageWorks Polyester Canvas Storage Box with Double-open Lid, Foldable Clothes Closet Organizer, Natural, Jumbo, 2-Pack, 65L Huge Capacity

Sold by: 21KEG

I love the look of these canvas storage boxes. They look so much more attractive in person.  First of all, they are extra-large 22 ¼ inches long by just about 17-inches and almost 10 ½ inches tall. I got them because they are great to store things I need but don’t need all the time.

In modern houses, they just don’t have the nooks and cranny cupboards or linen closets, that they use to build right into the homes.  So, I have had to get really, creative with storage. I like these because I literally now have my Christmas lights inside and out in one of the storage boxes. The other has things like my small sewing basket, iron, spray starch, a hand full of clothes hangers etc… All things that when I need them I don’t want to have to dig for. The two storage boxes are stacked in a corner with a big floor pillow leaning against them looking very decorative. I love useful home décor things that are double duty so to speak. Now when I must iron clothes, I just get the stuff I need from the box without having to fish around in the spare bedroom closet, while praying my husband hasn’t rearranged it looking for something.

For me they are matter of convenience and they look great doing the job. The handles are riveted on so they are good and strong, and there is one on each side too. They have a divider that can be utilized like I have one side has ironing stuff the other my spare kitchen linens.  The other I just folded the divider down so longer, bigger items can fit. The lids can fold up so I only have to open one side and don’t have to remove it entirely just to grab something out of it.

They are very versatile. I am super happy with my purchase and would buy them again and in fact I might. They are a little on the high side as far as cost, but all versatility is worth it. Besides, they look great in my room. I would recommend these to my friends and family. They are very good quality and made very well.


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