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STURME LED Safety Light 4 pack

STURME 4 pack Safety Lights

STURME LED Safety Light 4 pack + 5 FREE Bonuses battery Clip On Strobe/Running Lights for Runner, Bike, Dogs, Walking The best accessories for your reflective gear, Bicycle cycling
Sold by: Max One


The 4-piece safety light set is jammed packed with extras to keep my lights going for a long time after my initial purchase. The safety lights have clips on the back enabling me to clip them on a belt or if needed they include super strong Velcro so I can loop it thru a belt loop. I can also, wrap it around a bar on my bike for safety during the day or at night.

The LED 3 light, clip lights have 3 modes, steady on, a fast strobe or blinking on and off. They are super bright lights powered by a single 2032-disc battery. However, to ensure long life of my new lights, they have included a spare battery for each of the clip-on lights in this group. They even include a mini screwdriver and a spare, necessary for changing the battery. STURME has truly thought of everything.

A large carabiner is also included. I use the carabiner along with a Velcro loop to attach a safety light to my grand baby’s stroller making it highly visible to traffic when we go for walks day or night. The brightness of the light is still seen during the day.

I also clip one on my dog’s harness when we go for walks so she can be seen too. If she ever got away from me, which has happened, at least she would be seen by traffic. It also, makes it easier for me to locate her if a chase ensues, since for some reason she believes, “come here” means, let’s play tag. I feel much safer now going for walks at night, with her. Whether I use the blue, green, or one or both red lights I feel better about our safety knowing that we are visible from a couple hundred feet away.


I am always happy when I know my money has been well spent. This Sturme safety light kit leaves little doubt of that. I have recommended this kit to my friends that have children riding to and from school on their bikes and some runners that I know. It’s an affordable way to add visibility to anyone who is sharing a road with automobiles for whatever the reason.

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