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Women’s Knit Wool Crew Socks 5 pairs

Yolev 5 Paris Women’s Knit Wool Warm Socks Winter Crew Socks (Color 1 – 5 Pack)
Sold by: Yolev Direct
I was shopping around for some thinker or more dense socks, because this winter seems to me to be so much more frigged. I also wanted affordable and I wanted wool. These fit the bill. I wouldn’t call them thick but they aren’t thin by any means. Well-made especially the stitching at the toe. It is very nicely finished, when I’m wearing them I can’t feel the toe stitching at all.
They are also, incredibly soft. I like them a lot because they feel like cashmere although they are not. They are made from polyester/wool/acrylic and spandex. They feel like they are hugging my feet too. Not un-like compression socks, if I was to use that term I would describe it as light compression. I feel it most in the arch and heel more than anywhere else. I’d say they run true to size, since I have what I am told, is little feet at a size 6 ½. Socks are standard for U.S. women’s sizes that fit a 5-9 shoe size.
Moreover, they keep my feet cozy in the middle of winter, which is so nice. My feet are usually cold, but these socks keep them toasty warm. I love them. I think they are priced affordably. If I was giving a gift of winter pajamas I would absolutely include a few pairs of these socks. Making the gift the ultimate in comfort, and warmth lounging for the receiver.
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