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LETSCOM Fitness and Heart Rate Monitor

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker & HRM

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch, Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Bracelet, IP67 Waterproof Touch Screen Smart Bands with Activity Tracker for iPhone Android Smartphone Black


I wanted a fitness tracker for such a long time and when I finally got one I was so excited and couldn’t wait for it to get here. I wanted it because I am at the age where I need to keep a little active or I will most likely balloon into a shape and size I would not be happy.



For me have more than just exercise to keep me motivated. Once I get into the routine I tend to stay with it. Since the tracker allows me to keep track of where I am at in my physical fitness, but also allows me to keep an eye on my heart rate since I am border line high blood pressure. Meaning no meds, yet!

img_4786Incompatible, not exactly what I was hoping to see when I went to download. So, now what I tried others and they don’t see the device I mean a lot of others about 8 or 9 different apps. Only one is not compatible and of course it is the one I need. I’m so disappointed. I have messaged maker to see if there is another app that will operate the fitness tracker. If not than to me, it is worthless


This fitness tracker boasts monitoring daily activity, sleep, remote camera control, call alert, and heart rate. However, I cannot tell if it does unable to pair and without download I can’t finish my review.

#FitnessTracker #LetsCom #Android&IOS #HRMonitor #NotCompatible


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